PLOT Brooklyn hosts socials, prepares pop-up suppers, and offers garden styling services.

Its creator, Beth Gibson, is a seasoned cook and experienced garden designer from Yorkshire, England who has long called Brooklyn home.

PLOT's offerings reflect Beth's strengths, including her extensive gardening knowledge, keen esthetic sense, and hosting and cooking fantastic meals for soon-to-be friends. 
At the center of PLOT is a deep passion for hospitality--- it's what elevates a meal into an opportunity for connection and the way a backyard garden can make guests feel right at home.


Coming Up

PLOT Socials Calendar

l'm always open to new ideas - if something strikes your fancy for a potential Social me a line.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and more potential Socials in the making.....
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Bits & Pieces

From Beth's Blog

Absolutely Fabulous - Asian Chives

Absolutely Fabulous - Asian Chives



British Expats..

British Expats..

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