My new site is here!

What a better way to use my Blog than to make a shout out to my good friend Sean Reynolds and his right hand man Martin, who are behind the scenes creating my new logo and this fantastic website. Thank you both for your endless patience and amazing creativity!

So l will be using this blog as an off-on thing.  Please check in throughout the planting season.  l will post pictures of ongoing projects and a short explanation of the design ( the method behind my madness as it were), photographs of what is inspiring me, and seasonal observations that may, or may not relate to your PLOT.

In the meantime, check out what springtime has to offer....Birds calling from sunrise to sunset, the color chartreuse bursting with enthusiasm,  just the simple sound of raindrops, bulging buds to let us know a flower is on the cards.  Clematis has the most beautiful life like arms with delicate fingers clutching onto new props, its intention to cover as much ground as possible and flowers to boot. Spring is by far my favorite season.  It insists on arriving, and brings a sense of new beginning after what feels like the longest season before it.  If you've never paid much attention to what goes on in the  Springtime, I hope you experience it in a different light this year, to hear and see things you didn't notice before. Enjoy!

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