Here is the skinny on Mosquitos.  Try pass the info on to any friends that have an outdoor space.
ONE coffee can of standing water will breed 25,000 - 30,000 mosquitos in just one season.
Not only are mosquitos complete pests, but they also carry diseases like West Nile Virus and encephalitis.  They transmit heartworm to dogs and cats.
Because mosquitos stay within a one mile radius of their breeding  grounds, we can keep them away from our block by eliminating their breeding grounds here.
All you have to do is check your outdoor areas  for any standing water in which mosquitos can breed.  Check
                                  - Tree Holes/Stumps
                                  - Buckets or Old Tires
                                  - Drains in the garden
                                   - Kids toys in the yard or park
                                   - Saucers under flower pots.  Lids to garbage cans or garbage cans without lids.
                                   - Be inventive, you will be surprised where you will find standing water.
                                   - If it is water in a drain that is standing and you are unable to dump it.  Simply squeeze a little dish detergent liquid down there.  The mosquitos will  be unable to
                                      breed. Do it again after a rain shower.
When you find any standing water, Simply DUMP IT!  If we check these spots after every rain shower/storm, we can try keep this summer mosquito free.
Here's to an itch free Summer.
Beth GibsonComment