Just to give into it.

Seems every April swings around and l find myself pondering over the same question...."What is my all time favourite Spring perennial"? I'm not entirely sure why l doubt my consistent answer.

Its foliage a perfectly formed star like jewel. Each one a bold architectural statement, flawless in its formation and presentation. A dense thicket of chartruse, brighter than most contenders in the flower bed. Then, if that wasn't enough, petite dainty white blooms are along for the ride, which considering they are so tiny pack a good floral wallop.

So after years of pondering what l already know, this year l have decided....Just to give into it!

Sweet Woodruff ( Galium Odoratum) is officially my all time favourite spring perennial. Look out for it on your travels.

On a side note - My daughter Ruby, a budding gardener with a keen eye for any flower that comes in her path, said she wanted in on this particular blog post. She decided that poetry was fitting for Woodruff! So Ruby 5 going on 75yrs old came up with this winner whilst taking a short mental break from knitting and hosting tea for her Dolly's. Enjoy:)

Woodruff, Sweet Woodruff

l love the little flowers.

l look at them for many hours.

The sun will shine and the rain will fall, and my Woodruff will grow straight and tall.

Beth GibsonComment