My last supper.

 For as long as l can remember Eggs have been my thing. l can just see the cute little egg cups my Mum used with pretty posies decorating the rim, although soon to be covered with the oozing yolk that l would plonk my buttered brown soldiers into, not forgetting the most crucial component of course - a pinch of salt on the side to redress the egg post each dunk. .

l'm pretty attached to all preparations, while fried has become an obsession of mine to get what would seem the most unassuming plate ......just right.  The trick is the oil.  Grapeseed oil will take high heat without burning therefor adding no extra flavour to the egg. What you end up with is little crispy golden bubbles around the edge and bottom, yet the flavour is divinely unadulterated keeping the integraty of the egg shinning bright.......

But if to be asked what would be my choice last supper...this would be it hands down. 

Get your skates on and give it a whirl. l would not steer you wrong..... not when it comes to Eggs anyway!

Method - Small none stick pan- medium hot. Small glug of oil. Hand above the pan for 5 seconds, if you need to take your hand away Bob's your uncle. Break your egg/s into the pan. No flipping or fussing with it, let the egg sit and you will see the outside start to form crispy bubbles. l am not a flipper, but once the sides have become golden this would be your cue to flip if you are in the over easy camp. 

Spelt toast for me with little dabs of glistening Marmite.

Fine pink sea salt  for the egg is my #1 choice ( salting the egg whilst cooking in my experience dehydrates it..which you don't want)  l would also stay clear of using course salt, it will hinder that lovely crunch. So any fine sea salt will do ya.

To top it off a little decaf espresso with a pinch of sugar.

Coffee,Toast and Eggs....last bite ALWAYS finishing with the egg!