Best $70 I ever spent

After my youngest had long since out grown the pushchair l found myself still using it to go shopping- alone! Yep you heard it right! At least if the kids were with me it would look less queer.

I would jam as many bags into/under/on top of the trusty old McClaren and behave like it was completely normal behaviour.
Until I caught a reflection of myself in a window while at a stop sign. Emm.... Not the look I was going for nigh on approaching 40.

Luck would have it while shopping in Crate and Barrel for a client I came across this little number. Oh my, out goes the bag lady appearance, no more indentations in the shoulders from lugging bags 10 blocks,and my lower back has bounced back a happy camper.

I reccomend the 4 wheel model over the 2 for sure.
It's waterproof and folds up in a snap for storage post shopping.

What you waiting for.... Get your skates on!