Planting a seed in more ways than one.

An executive  family disision has been made.

Out with the Sand Pit - In with the Veggie patch.

Not sure what has taken me/us so long, especially given my green thumb and an appreciation for fresh ingredients.  The truth is seeds have never been my strong point.  l think its a patience thing.

But with a little pinch of inspiration from my friend Jill who succeeded with a bountiful crop on her roof top garden last year, a dash of the unknown, and a huge nudge of enthusiasm from my two littles......Its time!

 lm super excited at the prospect of eating my own produce, saving some pennies along the way, learning the art of patience,  but most of all planting the seed of awareness with my kiddies...That hopefully one day they will share with their own littles.


Check out this fantastic book "Seed to Skillet". Looks like a great vehicle to success, with a true appreciation for growing your own on the way.

Beth GibsonComment