Hanging Out.

lm sure the fact lm English has something to do with it.....Hanging the washing out!

 l cant wait for the sun to get higher in the sky, for the tempreture to get above 50 for a couple of hours, say goodbye to the tumble dryer for a season or two......and here it comes....Save some pennies along the way!


l love my washing line, l love the calming meditative process, love that l can smell how clean and fresh everything is, love that when its dry it still evokes those same sense's.  O.k l know its a bit weird, but putting aside the fact lm sensory driven...and do like to see a dramatically cheaper utility bill every month,.....My kids are into it too! They are eager to help, eager to make tent play in amongst everything hanging out, they cant wait to get into clean sheeets. They are digging as much as l am....ok maybe not quite as much :) But l hope it sticks with them, which inturn will suit this Eco conscious time we are all living in.


Below is a link to the one l have.  But you can use any washing line.  They all do the same job.

Have fun!



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