Its not brain surgery.

l have never been a big fan on fancy tools for the garden.

Not to say lm not forever grateful for my $300 spade given as a gift way back when....which may l add is still a spring Chicken given its been through the wars.

Anyway my point is l have about four gardening tools l use no matter what, the rest come under the "HOME" umbrella.

1. My trusty spade.  Dont be led to think you need different types for various jobs......Digging is Digging -  One Spade is plenty. 

 2. Secateurs. Keep them oiled/ nice and sharp.  Again, anyone that has three different types for three different cutting flat out a gardening snob.  Its how you use the tool that counts. 

 3. Gardening shears. Keep them oiled/sharp, and tightened.

 4. A good strong rake.  l prefer the metal variety myself with a handle length that fits my small frame.. But at the end of the day its the egonomics that make it a winner.  So give it a try out before you purchase. Does it feel comfortable.  WIll you require a visit to the Chiropractor post using it!!!  Make a note of how you are stooping over.  You need to be upright to rake.  You will get the gist when you go try them out.

 So my philosphy on Gardening is all about being relaxed/no set rules/learn by your mistakes/have fun experimenting.  Go purchase your main staples and  then concentrate on what your garden has the offer.  It will pay you back with shear pride and a sense of fulfillment.  It doesnt care what tools you used.  lts not brain surgery. Its Nature.

Beth GibsonComment