Camping- Its not all that Grizzly.

It has taken me a good twenty plus years to give into the lure of camping.

Truth is, the last time l did partake was in the Uk with a school trip........many moons ago.

l awoke in the night to a mouse in my sleeping bag, it poured with rain ALL weekend, and l was frozen to the bone.  Had a fantastic time with my friends mind, but needless to say l had a bad, bad vibe when it came to the thought of doing it all over again. l like my cozy duvet, egonomic pillow, and various other creature comforts.  

Camping was not my cuppa!! Or so l thought.


Until....last year!   Figured we should give it a shot as a family and introduce the kids to wide open spaces, diggin in the dirt, spying for frogs, smores on the camp fire, dog swimming in the lake, nature at its very best.  l realized that camping doesnt have to be the bare essentials.  You can still have all those creature comforts and be sleeping under the stars.  I do the drive-to camping( sneer from the serious campers l know),  but backpacking is just not my thing with two small children. Oh no...not falling for that just yet.   So everything goes in the car, we drive to the site, pitch the tent, and fill it with our cosy stuff, yummy eats, etc, etc.  There is something reassuring about having the car as a backup plan of course, just incase everything goes pear shaped.

So l still get to cook up some fab eats to take along, my pyromaniac tendencies are successfully achieved        with my wholesome campfire, explore new plants and take pickies, feel warm and cozy at bedtime, and experience the great outdoors with the little's.  Who's to say a furry four legged friend won't show up in my sleeping bag, or a Grizzly in the moonlit shadows.

 Beep, beep....Car door!

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