The wind is at my back

Every year lm completely taken aback how much l really dig Spring!

Comparison-You know you are going on holiday and yeah....your excited at the thought.

Then the day arrives and your on the plane.  Butterflies in the tummy, that wobbly feeling from pure excitement. l mean it whole heartedly when l say...."That is how l feel about Spring and what it has to offer".

Granted lm a sensory junkie. l dont take the birds whistling for granted or the rustling of the newborn leaves, how the brighter shades of green elicate happy thoughts of England.  Its a rebirth, a cleansing, a start to something unknown.

A couple of weeks back l headed over to Union Square Market looking for my long anticipated leafy greens to plant. Alas it was too early. The following week l returned full of promise. Bingo!

l walked ( well hopped actually, full of that pure excitment) over to the nice lady waiting to  help me. l told her how totally and utterly thrilled l was to see their  farm stand there, and then proceeded to ask her if she would like a hug.  Of course she thought l was bonkers and made it clear ( with her hands firmly clasped around her back) she had no intention of hugging a complete stranger high on Spring vibes. My exuberance was genuine. Spring had sprung and launched a whirl wind effect on my creativity for the up coming months.  Shapes, Shadows, Colours, Textures, Smells, Tastes, edible or not.

The wind is at my back.

Ready. Set. Go..............

Beth GibsonComment