Run away train

Inspiration- Just when you hit that spot, when nothing speaks to you...a simple walk through the farmers market, a glimps into a 4th graders classroom, a short visit to the loo in a restaurant punctuated with the stunning flower arrangement, a walk on the highline and lunch with an old friend. All in a day they spike an overwhleming love for colour, texture and shapes .......  therfor sending my previous bout of hitting a wall into a run away train.   It needs to be taimed for sure but its good to be back. My note pad is looking colourful and full of scribbles.

So tommorow its back to the taste kitchen, research some design elements l caught a glimps of today on my travels, sandwhiched with some good old fashioned walks with the dog- aka Nelly. 

What spikes your inspiration? Get out there and tap into your's quick sharp!

Oh, my old friend! Incredibly talented furniture designer aka Andrew Raible -



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