Ice Pops

You know I'm tired not only of waiting in line post school in the blistering heat to purchase those food-colour ridden ice pops for my kids, also shelling out the dough for them everyday.

Time to make my own I reckon.

So on the way home we grabbed some mango and pineapple, popped it in the mini food processor with a little cranberry juice and agave syrup. Bingo!

Into my old-school ice pop containers, overnight in the freezer and we are good to go for school pick-up tomorrow with tasty homemade ice pops.

I got these from my local kitchen store but you can get them pretty much anywhere online. Lékué is the make and they came in a 4pack.

The possibilities are endless. Just pick any fruits you fancy with a quick whizz in the blender and crackerjack!!

Have fun!