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All things Jubilee this week.  Although l have to say l'm flabbergasted at how many Americans have no idea what it is.  "Jubilee...what's that"!

Anyhoo, l perused over some Brit sites over the weekend to try gather some food inspiration for my party.

l have to say l came up a bit stumped.  l think the fact most Jubilee parties are during the day back home kinda changed the food direction of things.  Then l realized, what the heck....make what l miss, make what reminds me of home, what speaks 30+ years previous in my pack lunch on a school trip day (those days my Mum always popped something special in my pack-up, not to mention a can of Bass Shandy...crickey).

Stumped, l think not.

* Jam and Lemon Tarts

* Pork Pies and Branston

* Sausage Rolls

* Pimm's Jelly Shots (alas these were not in my pack-up).

A small bonfire is on the cards, so aim to toast some gooey marshmallows.  

Tomorrow night " the offical Jubilee date" l have been invited to a private party at Soho House in the city.  The boys from Silkstone, the Fat Radish, and Ruschmeyers will be throwing an old-school British street party! They are transforming the Roof to the 1950s with a dress-up box, English party tunes, and a few surprises along the way.

Jolly times....


Oh - You can always visit "Myers of Keswick" if you need some on the spot goodies, not to mention your Jubilee mugs for keepers.