Trick of the Eye

Once in a great while you are blessed with a client that not only is bursting with creative ideas, but also gives you the freedom to take the reins - trusting your judgement. This project possessed all those elements and more - Good stuff.

To start, what a fun project to work on.  One that l spent time on over the summer months with both my little's in tow.  It had its advantages.  They came in super handy when designing the climbing wall, prefect helpers at adding ideas when it came to the playhouse.  It could have all gone pear shaped having them with me everyday, but honestly they were fantastic.  Thank you guys for being so patient!!

So, lets get to the brass tacks.  To me the most overwhelming gems of the space and design is that it looks and feels twice the size (endless focal points to keep your eyes bouncing around is the trick), also the endless opportunities this small space has to offer is magic. 

* A custom built PlayPod.  Under the stairs can be a place where most garden owners stash the unwanted eyesore's.  Why waste it.   The playhouse gives the kids a sense of privacy and a space for them to escape and call their own.  Anything from reading to rein acting the battle of a trafalgar could take place in this coveted spot.

*Climbing Wall.  Endless amounts of fun and possible routes to take on this installation.  The kids can stick to a colour is terms of climbing, or when they get more confident and up for a challenge can then take coloured tape and make their own routes.  Great for upper body strength, works on their strategizing, and of course oodles of fun.

*Synlawn - l know l keep harping on about it, but this stuff is just brilliant.  No water, fertilizer, sun,  maintenance needed what so ever.  Feels great to the touch, always green.  What is not to like.  We went with two grades - soft pile for the soccer lawn, and compact pile specially for the Golf putting area.

*Custom built-in bench.  Seats 4 people comfortably.  Great use of the corner, adults can still feel in their own element while the kids kick a soccer ball around/go at-it with the swingball, entertain friends for supper, or just a spot to read the paper and chill.  All that is missing is cushions (which is a working progress), and a round table to soften the space.

*Outdoor lighting is a must in any garden.  Low voltage down facing lights on the wall, and then creating extra lighting with jars and lanterns filled with fairy lights up on the planted ledge. Beautiful!

*Projector screen/Projector.  We installed a built-in cover for the screen that dissolved into the back wall so you wouldn't know it was there.  Just pull it down when movie night comes around.  Wow the friends with dinner and a movie, kids sleep over party on the lawn, sideshow for the grandparents....endless wow factor.

*Herbs on the stairs.  Nothing beats brushing up against these guys and getting a good whiff of the herbaceous beauties.


Beth Gibsongarden, productsComment