Socially contagious

It's pretty darn fantastic when your kids get excited about your work. To say the least most encouraging to know you are inspiring them to choose a professional path that will bring them pleasure.

So Ruby and I were thinking how sweet it would be to have her own little Social once a month with her friends - take it in turns to invite one special guest friend to the Social. Opening the group up to meeting new people, listening to new opinions and watching movies they typically wouldn't pick themselves.

Eating a smorgasbord type supper together at the table, having a good old chat, then a movie to follow before home. Each guest bring their favourite cheese each month - Ruby and l supply the rest (crackers, french bread, fruit, olives, veggies, cornichons, salami etc). The girls can take it in turns to choose their favourite movie for all to watch by pulling a name out of the hat.

Summer months maybe a sleepover camp-out in the garden projecting a movie.

You can try the same idea with your kids but just tweak it to fit their interests.

I have high hopes that both my children will take on the same initiative as mine and get as much joy from it in their adult years - that despite how much space they have in their home, limited funds for entertaining, hours left at the end of a busy week - that they will always feel compelled to be social and use the comfort of food to bring people together.