Un rendez-vous mensuel entre expats?

Gosh what a thrilling month it's been.
My Socials have really taken off, and given all the feedback I get back daily it's overwhelmingly evident that local folks are eager for an organized get-together, spending time with friends - old and new in real life.... over food.

This past week two local french Mums (one of which recently moved here from Paris and excited to meet new people) asked if I would possibly consider getting a French Ex-Pat night together, after getting word through a friend of the British Ex -Pat I host monthly.

Why not!

14 slots to fill each month - on a first come first serve basis. Each guest invite a friend along.
The same Thursday night each month. Feb date TBD if the interest is strong.

Check PLOT out on Facebook!

Email me directly - beth354@me.com

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