Soup Social with a twist

We are mixing things up for October's Social - Wednesday 23rd, 11-1pm

l have the chance for Holly to come give us an hour long talk at the next social.

l figure a good bunch of us are ready to start back up with work but just not sure how to get there, or need to push their business into the next phase but need some direction. Here is a brief paragraph from Holly's website

Holly’s clients have a great product and they’re serious about growing their business.  They’re passionate about what they do, but don’t have the business skills to turn their passion into profit.  They work with Holly to gain these skills and leadership qualities in order to build a business that thrives. Holly gets to the core of what’s not working and teaches logical and quick to implement strategies that take her clients from where they are to where they want to be. If you are ready to achieve your vision, have more time, make more money, and reconnect to the passion you had for your business originally, Holly will help you too.

A little extra @$45 each - which will include Holly's talk... and our yummy lunch together.

There are 5 spots left up for the taking - on a first come first serve basis.

Please let me known if you are interested in confirming a spot. 

Look forward to hearing form you .....



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