Food for the Soul

l admit - My favourite grey flannel throw (my sister made many moons ago), a pipping hot cup of Pukka Love Tea ( l cant decide if l like the tea or packaging more...brilliant), a back-to-back catch up  "House of cards", or feverishly whisping through issues of "Bon Appetit/Food and WIne/Food52 on the sofa most nights is a pretty safe magnet, and although my naive dreams of been able to eat out every night exploring new restaurants is.....well....naive!

The last couple of weeks got me to thinking. But what do l really love to do other than the obvious...nurturing my family, cooking, designing new spaces and bringing people together over good fodder - not forgetting eating copious amounts of chocolate, and giving overwhelmingly heart felt cuddles to my two dogs..Woof.

l love golf - a rich mans game...but there can be a compromise for folks like myself.  Also really dig dancing - a misconceived idea that only young-ones are able to attend.  Not forgetting my camera - which sometimes gets lost in a world of food snaps for my blog.  Time to get the old girl out doing what she loves best - in amongst the world of natural light and spectacular observations.

What im getting at is - l need more. More than what my sofa has to offer post littles in bed for the night.  l need some hobbies again - although my work feels much like that...l feel lucky to say, but something to entice my inner-child back into the frame.

Golf -  Once a week come rain or shine, l take myself to Chelsea Piers driving range with a couple of golf clubs in hand. A wee $30 will get me 180 balls, an hour of sheer focused pleasure, and a sore back to boot (in a good way) - but thats ok, a quick cocktail on the way home and a read of the newspaper makes for a Pinballs night. 

Dancing - lm thinking of giving Swing dancing a whirl maybe once a month. l know "Swing 46" is super friendly and everyone is considered a winner...if you know what l mean!  So no need to feel insecure about your moves .....or lack of them - they will come in time with heaps of bouncy fun and twirling on the cards. Isn't that what ever women wants after all - to be twirled.

Camera - Not to put a fixed date on it, but whenever l have some free time lve decided to put the tail on the donkey map wise. Take a map of the 5 Boroughs close my eyes and stick a pin in it.  Wherever it lands...That will be a date with my camera. l have lived here in the city for almost 23 years, and l have yet to explore more than a quarter of it lm sure. Maybe the kids can partake in this venture also. We can all click some snaps together and share a little visual goodness.

Watercolours - Last but not least, lve always wanted to explore the art.  l dabble at an abstract way, mostly thank you cards.  But a wee start from scratch would produce a little food for the soul me thinks. A class that doesn't break the bank to be found. Any leads appreciated.


Pretty exciting for an old timer!


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