You think you know....

Yesterday was the first Soup Social with a guest speaker. We asked Holly Howard  who was amazing (a local and super savvy business consultant - to come chat with us and share any tidbits/gems - inform and inspire our shift back into the workplace post littles. Most of us unclear about what direction to head into (a reoccurring theme l hear a lot speaking to Mum's), others how to market their business model, also a wee handful already firmly established ready to grow.  

We all did a quick round-robin of our diverse group of 13 Mum's sharing personal abilities, gifts, goals, and.... insecurities about our new ventures. Understandably apprehensive of how it would mold into the school year with all its sporadic breaks, and lavish lengthy summer holidays. It was then that it hit me like a ton of bricks - We had all been together as a group for well over a year now yet we had never collectively reached out as a group to say "Help"

Maybe its an English thing. l have always found networking and talking-it-up about myself the trickiest of tasks, almost feels like lm sharing my bank details with some stranger, (of course l realize thats complete bonkers.)  But as Holly so clearly put it "believe in your model---or no one will".  l/we needed to get out there with a revised and engaging blurb about ourselves that you could whip out at the drop of a hat.  One that rolled off the tongue like a single malt scotch with one ice cube 5pm Friday night.... Yep.... l need to get on that.  To be fare despite my loquacious nature I'm a stuttering plonker when asked "what is it you do Beth"?

Guess what lm trying to say is - you think you know.... or should l say asuume that business is going well for folks given their daily cheshire cat smiles and well put together attire - but thats just on the surface - in reality a good portion of small business owners are silently in beautiful ruins.

Below are some of todays attendees and close friends - A ridiculously over talented group of local Mum's who like me need a little piggy back into the world of frightfully intimidating networking. PAY IT FORWARD I SAY. Help is on its way...

Pop your feet up and get stuck in - some short - some long blurbs... and my mission statement for good measure. Please feel to pass them on to people that may be interested in their services or such.


Anne Batz - Co Founder and Owner/Partner Talent Republic U.K

Established in 2006, international talent consultants for brands, advertising agencies, PR companies and private clients.  Our main remit is to identify and secure famous names for multi-media advertising campaigns, sponsorship deals, media appearances, pure PR related activity and private engagements. This covers talent from the world of film, TV, fashion, music and sport.


Renee Dale - Writer and a weekly columnist for the South Brooklyn Post. Her columns can be found here:       

Website -


Anne Townsend  is  New York-based fundraising strategy consultant for the nonprofit sector.  With 20 years of experience in the nonprofit community, Anne has successfully served a range of small to mid-sized cultural and educational nonprofits.


Erin Silber a Brooklyn-based lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in newborns, children, families & expecting parents.  My photographs capture the love and beauty of families…whatever life stage they are in. Capturing images in natural light, I believe in keeping the photo sessions relaxed so the personalities can shine through. Serving the Brooklyn and Manhattan area, I am available for on-location customized portrait sessions. Please contact me at or 917-579-3756.


Jennifer Eby

Fashion designer, Art & Creative Direction


Katerina Silverblatt - Heights Pediatrics

A good friend and also my children's Dr.  A truly amazing diagnostician, whip smart with a relaxed yet serious approach to dealing with sick kids.  Something that really appeals to me. She is also starting up a New Mothers Group at her practice...something l wish l had back when l gave birth - more info:


Laura Fontaine: Local Mum originally from Bologna.  Privately teaches Italian, and an aspiring photographer. l suspect she may have found her passion through taking pictures. l'm super excited to see her produce beautiful work while working on her portfolio.  

To see more, or simply be inspired:


Ashley Nelson writes on women, politics, and culture for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian.  

Her Website:


Me and my bank records....

A little about me.  I have run my own successful garden landscaping design business and have amassed some high-profile clients over the years (Kate Winslet, among others).  I’ve always heard the same feedback from my clients: I’m a highly creative thinker and problem solver. I approach all things visually, and I have a great sense of style. 

l also host monthly Soup Social's and Pop-Up suppers from my Brooklyn home.  Although being a private chef gives way to a creative sensibility, it is the stylizing of each course/table setting and overall ambiance that really cuts to the core of my insatiable appetite for anything visually stylistic.

Now I’m looking for a new opportunity to help me grow and broaden my skills, in an environment where I can enrich the end-result with my own creativity, while working hard and learning at the same time.

While my background is entrepreneurial, I truly thrive within a team environment. I’m quick to catch on and I execute flawlessly and consistently. I know what appeals to people. I’m also ridiculously organized.

I love assembling an outfit/table/plate - you name it, putting things together… and I’ve successfully helped many friends with interior projects over the years.

To get a better sense visually of my aesthetic - please feel free to look over my Website, Blog and Pintrest boards. 


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