Paying it forward

This is by far my favourite salad at the mo. Ridiculously simple, packs a nutritional wallop, seasonally apt, and tastes knockout.

I would love to take the credit - or at least say l tweaked it a bit to put my signature on it, however the truth is it comes completely unadulterated and courtesy of my pal Sasha Hynes - a dynamite in the kitchen and as always an inspiration to me whenever I'm lucky enough to get a seat at her table.

I recommend having this along side a hearty savory dish. I popped it with roasted lamb/veggies and mashed potato. Pinballs!

Baby Kale - shredded
Blood orange cut into segments ( cutting them over the dried cherries to catch any juices. I do this to plump them up.

Dried cherries
Handful of salted pistachios ( or any other nut to lend a crunch)
Dressing - Tbsp good Dijon , half a squeezed lemon, and a good couple glugs Olive oil.

Pop the kale in a bowl and dress in advance ( up to an hour) You want to loose that mealy texture of the leaf - so pre-dressing will soften it up.
Just before serving - in with the other ingredients.

Side note: My kids love it.
Happy days.

Beth GibsonComment