Sweet, sour, salty, bitter.

I discovered pomegranate molasses a couple of years back - typically found in middle eastern stores. It makes the best winter-time vinaigrette. Use it in place of the mustard - 1/3 olive oil, 2tbs champagne vinegar, 2tbs P.Molasses, salt for taste, shake it up in a jam jar - and Bingo.

You have endless options for salad ingredients but I get many repeat performances from this taste bud combo, with the dressing. I love the creamy balance with the acid, the seeds popping in my mouth, crunch from the nuts, and the sharp kick from the olives. It hits all taste buds - which in my mind is the right stuff.

Baby spinach leaves
Black olives
Slithered almonds
Fresh Pomegranate seeds
Drizzle with the dressing.

See - Healthy can taste good.

Beth GibsonComment