"Oh What a Night"

Ruby christened last night with her first Movie Social - and oh what a night!

Ruby and l set the table -- she wanted it to look cute, yet not too kiddy like. So out with proper plates, glasses, napkins.

We had decided to make it a free for all in the middle of the table using the lazy susan, which worked out perfectly. Everyone had their own little ramekin of really good olive oil to submerge the crusty French baguette into. It was so fun that everyone brought their own favourite cheese along, and even better that all gave each one a try.

Ruby's friend had sweetly brought along Mad Libs for all to give a whirl -- it was such a perfect way of bringing everyone together as a team, not to mention the giggles it produced!

After the cheese-fest had run its course, the excitable girls headed into the T.V room with all the lights out to watch a movie (Bedtime Stories) which produced even more giggles -- while wolfing down some local ice-cream.

Not enough chairs to seat all comfortably without someone feeling left out of mix, so we brought in beach chairs covering them with blankets.

Post movie a quick dance party on the trampoline .... And then home time.

It was a huge hit all round, and a much needed confidence booster for Ruby!
And what do they say - laughter is good for the soul.