Hide the bloody stuff

My daughter Ruby is sensory sensitive like myself, it has its pros and cons like anything, but for the most part it can be a darn right pain in the bottom at times. l have an up-coming blog post more on the sensory subject but coming from a positive angle after recently interviewing Robert Newton - part owner/chef - Seersucker, Smith Canteen and newly opened Nightingale 9.
Stay tuned....

Anyhoo, back to the point at hand. Ruby for as long as l can remember will not put anything in her mouth that she doesn't like the taste of. It's not a stubborn thing...she will simply throw up if you push the envelope - so giving medicine has always been a tough hurdle to jump with her.

Touch wood thus far she hasn't had the need for medicine too many times, but one can feel somewhat defeated before the bomb drops....with how on earth to administer the stuff! We have tried everything.

So given l have a little too much time on my hands this week homebound playing nurse maid (Oliver has the dreaded lurgy too, fevers reaching 103+) l felt compelled to face the challenge head on.

Solution - Hide the bloody stuff!

Her favorite strawberry coconut ice cream - let it thaw slightly so l can mix in the medicine - pop it in my fab Baby cubes http://www.babycubes.com/ (left over from the freezing baby food days, now used for nuts/small snacks for the kids) and then back into the freezer.

What the heck, you may have Einstein-ed that one up yourself already...but l was quite proud of myself mind.

May the force be with you fello Florence Nightingales playing nurse maid through the Flu season.


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