Leave the crampons at home

Couple of weeks back (before the bubonic plague hit our house) we tried out the Lemon Squeezer hike just off route 17 upstate.

A slight lapse of common sense on my part, as although we are snow-less here in Brooklyn - I didn't stop to think about the lower temps upstate and the fact snow and ice would still be a solid blanket up there.

Anyhoo, it was rather comical looking back. Thick ice and snow the whole way up there, with plenty of time spent on our bottoms rather than hiking as such.

It was a challenge, and one I'm not too enthused about repeating mind. Oliver was eager beaver, but poor Ruby teary eyed wishing she had stayed home.

But like all hikes - a proud sense of sticktoitiveness and completion is a pick-me-up that can not be topped.

I think our intrepid souls will repeat this hike in the late Spring with fresh dirt under foot and a hearty packed lunch with provisions.

Pop it in your bookmarks. Or start a new *Hikes outside the city* bookmark for this coming year. l will be sharing all of ours.

Happy Trails everyone.

Beth GibsonComment