Spot of color

Up-coming party late this week. A skirt or dress is calling me thinks, but my pins are ghastly white and in no fit state for the world to see.
Two things you don't know about me:
• I don't do stockings
• I have a sensitive sniffer

So some self tanner is in order. One that doesn't have that horrid smell and also works on a gradual basis - orange legs isn't the look I'm going for!

My local shop Shen sells this wonderful stuff Xen-tan for $20 a tube and its fabulous. Pop a wee bit on every night for a couple of days before the shindig and Bobs your uncle.  


Xen-Tan - An amazing breakthrough in gradual tanning. This lightweight lotion looks, smells and feels like a delicious body lotion, but will give you a beautiful sunless tan (even from the first application) when applied daily. Gradual tanning allows you to adjust the color by how often you apply. Gingko Biloba, Shea butter, Green Tea, paraben-free. Fresh citrus-melon scent for men and women.

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