Oldy but goodie

lm beginning to feel teased.  Just when l think Spring is at my doorstep....it bloody snows, or my hosepipe freezes.  Thats it! - l've decided reverse psychology on this one. lm carrying on as if Winter is the only season on offer.

So, Pot Roast for supper. Keep in mind l choose it not only because its hearty winter fodder, but also lm dragging a wee bit from Friday night's School Auction Party.  Rather a late night - but for a good cause, plus meeting old and new friends over drinks, nibbles, and bidding heaven is a cracking combo.

More to the point - Pot Roast is one of the easiest things to cook in the world.  Almost as easy as frying an egg....it just takes longer, but with no extra effort.

All you need a good heavy/thick bottomed Dutch Oven or Large pot with a tight fitting lid.

Heavy Bottom Pan. l love my  cast iron Le Creuset's

Heavy Bottom Pan. l love my  cast iron Le Creuset's

A handful of good quality ingredients....and bobs your uncle.  Come on, its not too late - lm sure you can still make it today if you run to the butchers.  Everything else is surely already in your pantry.


Just a handful of good quality ingredients 

Just a handful of good quality ingredients 

4 Pnd piece of Beef Chuck tied.

1/2" Pancetta

6 Galic cloves peeled

8 or so Anchovies, packed in oil

4 Tbsp Good Dijon Mustard

1/4 Red Wine Vinegar

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

S&P at the end


Before the meat goes in, give it all a good stir to incorperate.

Before the meat goes in, give it all a good stir to incorperate.

This will feed 4 adults with a little left over for second helpings.  Through everything in the pot but the meat. Quick stir to incorporate.  Turn the heat on medium - add the meat, brown on all sides 10minutes.  Then turn the heat way low, lid on.....then pop your feet up!

l cook mine for around 5 hours, checking on it every hour or so to make sure you still have plenty of liquid to prevent it from sticking.  Add a wee drop of water if need be. l have never had that issue.

After 5 hours - its soft and delicious.  Remove it from the pan and slice it.

Before returning it to the pan with all the juices - give the liquid a quick stir and smash any garlic cloves still whole.  Back In with the meat, put the heat on very low for a quick 5 minutes to heat everything though and..........Pinballs!

l wish you could smell my kitchen right now! its only been on for an hour but the smell is crackerjack!

Mashed Potatoes, Quick Sautéed Asparagus, Kale or even steamed Broccolini. Quick run to the Farmers market to see whats on offer before deciding.

Gosh - l love the Spring, but glad for Winter today!

Happy St Patricks Day/Sunday/Day of rest...whatever your day - Eat well, be happy.

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