Appreciate with age

l walked past the Minster everyday when l was a kid, but never once did its striking architectural splendor appeal to me, nor excite me. Granted l suspect secretly l always dreamed of  saying my wedding vows there... as most local young girls did of my age.

Beverley Minster through my eyes. 

Beverley Minster through my eyes. 

As it is now, every time l visit home to see my Mum, one of the first things the kids and l do is take a stroll down the street to the Minster (which dates back 1300 yrs+)  saunter the grounds, read the crumbling grave stones, step inside like a kid in a sweet shop with wide eyes bedazzled by its cracking interior, discovering a new visual prospective with each stride as we whisper our way around, and goes without saying the Tuesday night bell practice. Tonight l stood for over an hour listening to them with the biggest smile on my face.

See for yourself. Its a site to be seen and one that people from all over the world come to visit each and every day of the year. 

My hometown Beverley has a similar effect on me also. One that until my later years was left sadly unappreciated by its beauty. l cant be the only one mind.  Surely each of you must have reached the same epiphany from either geographical sites you have visited in your younger years....or simply where you grew up.  Overtime you develop  seasoned eyes, and learn to decipher the sheer difference between elegance and attractiveness. The same....but so very different.

Tomorrow its out in the country for a good old stroll and a pub supper.


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