A meaty prospect?

My recent trip home ( yep l still call the U.K my home despite the fact l have lived here in the states for almost 21 years, it drives my kids batty...but hey...old habits die hard, and like everyones first love - it will always holds a very special place in my heart ) , anyhoo after strolling through Beverley (my hometown) the first couple of days it dawned upon me that what was once a thriving cattle market town - was now down to a mere 3 butchers.  A little over 20 years past there had been 17  So where had they all vanished to? 

l took a walk over to all three remaining shops to see what the scoop was....and they all highlighted on the same word "Convenience" .  Seems most people want to shop in just one spot for all their bits and pieces. l get it, really l do......once a week l march over to Trader Joes with my empty trolley relishing the thought of packing that bad boy to the gills....but honestly, l wouldn't trade-in my daily visit to the local Butcher  for the world , one that l have used for almost 19 years, nor the fruit and veg stand just around the corner. l look forward to seeing them all and having a nice chat. 

It was while l stood interviewing one of the butchers that over the space of 20 minutes people young and old came in, ordered their meat, but also had a really nice chin-wag and l could see that for the most part all of his customers came in not just because he promised a good local product ---- but because for some reason or another they valued his friendship and had done so for many years, heart-warmly so from the older generation. Something they would never gain at their local supermarket.    

l feel like over the past month many friends have eagerly tried to push me into the whole Farm CSA direction...one l feel compelled to try given the facts below... 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for the food-buying public to enter into a relationship with a farm and to receive a share of the harvest. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become “shareholders,” of the CSA. This effort represents a formal mechanism for more affordable supply of meats that are raised locally, sustainably and humanely. As a member you are ensuring the farmer a financial income to use in the day to day, year to year up keep of their sustainable farm.

But given my recent trip and recognizing myself in the locals there. l can see how much l really yearn to have a sense of connection with not only my friends and family...but also with my local merchants. CSA is a meaty prospect, but not for me. lm sticking with my daily friendly banter close to home and a daily stroll to go with it for good measure.


Beth GibsonComment