Guides to-go

Two more weeks of the school holidays to go with one or two more adventures on the cards. This morning we leave for Lake Aurgur - way up North an hour south of the Canadian boarder. A week by the water, and oodles of private woodland adjacent to the property.  


l came across these brilliant pocket naturalist guides while visiting our favourite hiking/outdoors shop Kenko upstate NY, but you can order them on Amazon. Between the Knots, Edible Wild Plants, Reptiles and Amphibians, Urban Wildlife, Mushrooms guides and a curious spirit...l think we should be in for some pretty serious fun, new ways to tie up our kayaks/hammock, and an eye opening look at all around us on our travels. Best bring some crusty bread, garlic and good sea salt to go with the mushrooms we forage....

Happy trails folks. Hope you all have time to plot one or two more escapades near or far before the summer closes, and our littles...who are not so little anymore jet back off to school.

Beth GibsonComment