Pretty egg-citing

Hands down eggs are my favourite protein. I will take them any-which-way with a little sea salt close by. Im actually seriously considering making my own little coop next Spring to be honest.

Anyhoo, given all our hikes recently and sometimes racing to grab lunch, boiled eggs are back in fashion big time at ours, and although I'm a seasoned egg boiler..I do like a fail safe option also.

I came across this fab little number at my local culinary shop, and I'm in love!

Put as many or less eggs in the pan along with the timer, cover the eggs with water... And boil em. The timer becomes darker from the outside-in to show your preferred done-ness. It's magic, and better still under $10.

Great hostess gift with a bunch of posies if you want to think outside the box - you will be invited back... Promise!

Beth GibsonComment