And for my next trick...

Bloody hell - two weeks back at school and those early bird mornings have set in like a ton of bricks. After spending the summer months in our pajama's until lunchtime most mornings and a late breakfast which was more like brunch really......lm eager to make the morning slog feel a wee bit less .......grim!

l came across this nifty little container at my local kitchen supply shop. The bottom and top comes off for cleaning and filling up, but what l like about it - is the squeezy bottle so you can pour out as much or little as you like. Mini pancakes is the winner for my littles.


ln the past l've used it for it was packed away in the gargantuan pile of outdoor supplies upstairs.....neatly of course...*cough*. But once hunted down, we used it every morning last week.


Oliver makes up the batter and Ruby pours it in the vessel for a weeks worth of pancakes.  Morning time with my ear plugs still in (lm not a morning person) and eyes unwilling to commit being awake -- heat up the pan and bobs your uncle. Pancakes all round with half the effort. 


Now just to figure out how to put the *Pinballs* in packing lunch!

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