Oh to be Social.......

Today l was back in the saddle for Soup Social after a long hiatus for the summer hols... 

And what a come-back. A super crowd, a picture perfect day outside in the garden, everyone beaming with delight to see old faces...and new - telling tall tales of travels and adventures over the long school break. 


Goes without saying the food was scrumptious and easy on the eye, but what stuck out for me was how relaxed everyone can be with two main ingredients - Social time & Food go a whole long way between folks, and today was a prime example. Everyone left feeling recharged and ready take-on the remainder of the week after connecting with other Mum's alike in my cozy back yard.  l love my job, and feel blessed that l get to share that......

Tomato Soup with a Garnish of Feta Cheese, Black Olives, Basil, and Sourdough Crumbs  

Cheddar and Horseradish Grilled Cheese

Summer Berry Cobblers - Cream Drizzle

And a glass of Rosé for those feeling cheeky 

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