Pepacton Cabins

Yet another superb weekend up at the Pepacton Cabins. This is the kinda spot l could see myself coming to until l'm old and grey without a doubt. 

The kids are endlessly engaged with activities -- run and jumping off the dock, pretend scuba diving adventures from the paddle boat, searching for frogs/pollywogs, first attempts at fishing with a pole, trying to spot the elusive snapping turtle, collecting kindling for the night-time fire, coveting their marshmallow sticks, kayak trips down the Delaware River, and local hikes for good measure. All the while teaching them life long outdoor skills like building/lighting a fire, safely using their penknives, how to read a compass, and skipping stones on the pond with a trusty slingshot...all good fun.   


Me - l get excited just at the thought of repeatedly throwing endless tennis balls into the pond for the dogs to fetch. The sheer pleasure it gives me to see them free and in their true element. Summer months refreshing dips in the pond, rain or shine taking hikes..despite the unruly mosquitos summer months, planning the fodder for our stay, checking out the local yard sales for some seriously good bargains... and a step back into country life.  l find humor in how outrageously crap l am at playing the harmonica, creatively charged taking photos (one of my favourite past times), and goes without saying spending time with friends and family over good food and smiles in the great outdoors..

The cabins are cozy and well designed given the minimal space and how many it sleeps (6) which works a treat when kept tidy. Comes with a nice big fridge, two burner stove top, toaster/toaster oven, pots/pans, utensils, full equip kitchen with plates/glasses/bowls and such...everything you need to rustle up a yummy supper. 


Outside an outdoor grill - you supply the charcoal, and a fire pit with an option to buy a full wheelbarrow of chopped wood for $10 (which generally makes two fires). Each cabin has its own huge picnic table and your own grassy yard space which backs onto the River.  

The nearest supermarket is 30 minutes drive away over the moutain, so planning your groceries before hand would be the smartest option....unless you plan to eat fish all weekend. If you are thinking of booking a cabin (or more if there is a group of you) get your skates on in advance - it gets busy given there are only 5 cabins...also in the fishing season.


Be sure to bring water shoes, rain boots, hiking boots, and a good waterproof jacket - it can be blazing sunshine one minute.... the next the most amazing thunder storms along with an exhilarating downpour pass though the valley. Leaving a blanket of white mist in its path.


l'm hoping to try make it out there at least once a season. It really is a hidden treasure and one l hope you get to see for yourself. 

Happy Trails

Beth x

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