My pesto...


Summer = Pesto

With less than 16 days of summer to go...lm packing in the pesto. l've lost count how many times we have had it this summer, and it has yet to loose its thunder. 

l prepared a large jar this past weekend for my trip up at Pepacton Cabins and it made food friends with anything and everything.....cheese, tomato and pesto toasties for lunch, a good dollop on the side of grilled chicken, smothered on corn-cobs... or simply on a spoon for a zippy treat. 

Anyhoo.....l think its the simplest of simples to make in just over 5 minutes, and packs a good punch to just about everything.  All you need is a food processor ...and bobs your uncle.  My only word of caution is...don't over process it - it will loose its magic and fantastic color, besides l kinda like a wee bite from the nuts. 


My recipe -- Put everything in the processor except the cheese

2 bunches of large (washed and spun) basil. l simply tear off the roots and keep everything else. 

5 cloves peeled garlic

1/4 cup pine nuts

1 tsp kosher salt

Enough Good olive oil to bring it all together.

1/2 cup grated pecorino cheese (l use pecorino as l cant eat cows cheese -- you could use Parmesan) 

Pop the lid on and start to process while pouring the oil in the funnel. Everything will start to come together in seconds. Take the top off and push everything down the side, then give it one more pulse for good measure. At this point - top off add the cheese and again give it one or two quick pulses to incorperate and you are....DONE! 


Into a storage and jar...and the week is a winner. 

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