Made-out like a bandit

Its true, my all-time favourite shopping experience to have is a good old mooch around is a country hardware store....second a country yard sale. A couple of weeks back while upstate l had the good fortune to come across plenty of the latter.  So with little cash in hand and excited butterflies in my tummy off l went with promise to make a purchase or two.

l came across these fantastic cast iron pans....... in much need of some TLC, and an old wooden bowl which could do with a jolly once over also.  

Luckily l had the prescription both. 


The wooden bowl l gave a very light sanding, a good wash with warm soapy water, a thorough rinse, then left it out to dry in the sunshine. Once dry l just gave it a couple of coats Mineral oil ...leaving it to soak in between applications, and Bobs your uncle. A fab new bowl for salad, fruit, bread....what-ever-ya-fancy.


Seasoning the pans: Warm soapy water and steel wool to rid of the rusty spots, a generous coating of vegetable oil and into a 350 oven for an hour. l repeated the process a couple of times as l had really gone to town with the steel wool.


These pans will last me a lifetime if l only go easy on the detergent ( more so hot water a scrubby sponge) and continue to season them through-out the years.


Cost: $10 each. A pinball moment wouldn't you agree!

In the upcoming months l suspect a good handful of us will be driving out of the city -- either to watch the annual leaves change,  some belting hikes/camping trips given the perfect temps with no bugs, a spot of apple picking, or gathering a wheelbarrow of pumpkins at half the price. My point being....look out for those little yard sales at the side of the road, or antique stores (that are far from antique stores at all the further you venture out of town...if you know what l mean) .......and with little cash in hand you will make out like a Bandits!  


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