Divorced parents need support.....why not over good food.

Its funny - looking back all those years ago when my Mum divorced my father, l see now that she had no support what so ever, that and 4 children all peaking/peaked at a hormonal age.  Good god...how on earth she managed to salvage her sanity, make new friends, and be spit out the other end emotionally intact and ready to solider on with her head held high for the next 20yrs+ makes my head spin with misbelieve and pure admiration. 

She did indeed and has been a downright trooper throughout, but who's to say she wouldnt have grasped at the opportunity to meet with others alike at the time. l suspect l know the answer.

Which got me thinking. Its hard not to stumble over divorced parents at my age (40+) now a days.  This is the time (middle age) we all have our doubts, begin to choose different paths for ourselves, grow in alternate directions, or not grow at all -  in ways that one could never have fathumed when first meeting our spouses.  l meet Mum's through my social's that feel cut off, need some emotional support,  and goes without saying strive to lock hands with others who have been through this tragic life changer - divorce.  Of course one can look at it from a positive angle given they now have the chance to move on with their lives.

l would like very much to form a monthly Social for divorced parents (whatever stage they are in) Mum or Dad's. A place to come, let off some steam, make new friends, help others navigate the process, share advice - over good food in a cozy home environment. 

Day or night Social I'm not sure of yet....but open to options.

If you are interested, or know someone that might be. Please pop me a line, or send with open heart in their direction. 

Beth Gibson2 Comments