Tea and Sympathy

A good friend of mine is having a gloomy winter and feeling in the midst of a rotten seasonal depression - you know the one...it casts a grey shadow over all that usually brings pleasure, making it a task to smile your way through it, get things done and with no reasonable explanation of what you're so sombre about.

She added that within this melancholy period, the one thing she missed while living here in Brooklyn was something so simple - popping in on a friend for a quick cuppa and a chat.  What could be more simple......Yet no one l know really does it despite most of my friends been Brits, and working from home.  


When visiting my Mum back in the UK....she constantly has friends swinging by on their bikes, a knock at the door, and...."Pop the kettle on Doreen".  A wee thirty minutes to catch up.... and l guess that would be the equivalent of seeing your therapist here in the states?!

l work from home and really do hope my friend will pop over more often to shed some gloomy layers, staying connected over a cuppa. l made her promise...after-all.

And for those that know me well.  Let it be known...you are welcome to pop in too!


Beth GibsonComment