Everything in moderation..

I had foot surgery today, which goes without saying.....reading, movies, feet-up, and plenty of ice cream on the cards. Thing is -- I have a wee love affair with the latter, but my bowls and serving size could result in a dangerous combo come fitting into my jeans next week.


Plan B: Once in a while I make lemon curd for dinner parties. A super rich treat which best savored in a wee couple of spoonfuls....and requires an itsy bitsy cup. A 2oz ramekin does the trick and will put the post Op "Everything in Moderation" challenge to the test.  One or two of these bad boys a day will equal my usual enthusiastic measurement of Darling Coconut Chocolate bliss.

Here goes to heavenly things...that and Season 2 "Sherlock Holmes", and a new pair of jeans if things go pear shaped!

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