More intrepid tales...

Figured we should give as many beach walks a whirl before Memorial day swings around and dogs are no longer permitted. Lido beach had been the usual suspect of late (which has spoilt us a wee bit) but time to see what else is on offer for the fluffy pups and nippers.


We headed over the bridge on 278 to Staten Island - Great Kills Beach.  Only a mere 25 minutes in the car (but with a $12 bridge toll to keep in mind) and we were there lickerty-split.


The beach itself was deserted...with no-one in sight. A pebbly beach which reminded of home oddly. It had a  whole bunch of trash washed up on the shore though - we decided that next time to take a large garbage bag and fill that puppy up...bit of community service wouldn't go a miss.


Anyhoo, as always the dogs had a fine old time and took a generous dip given the Spring like temperature. The kids found plenty of shells and washed up shells/crustaceans etc.


Overall: Not my favourite of beaches view wise, but we all got a good bout of fresh air, and the jolly blood pumping....that and some sand in our shoes.


Next week?

Beth GibsonComment