I could read her words till the cows come home...

My friend Renee has kicked off her writing career post littles and back in full swing with her weekly column @ South Brooklyn Post. If you haven't discovered it yet - get to it!

This week -- Poignant!
Beautiful, sad, and all true.
Thank you for sharing my dear.
Keep doing what you're doing...
Cause it's soooo good!

When a calamity or sudden death happens, everyone expresses shock. We search for clues. (On a separate note, when someone beloved and famous dies, law enforcement takes note, too. I wonder how many drug deaths happen in New York City every day that result in no such investigation as followed Hoffman’s overdose. I’m all for it, the pursuit, arrest and punishment of anyone selling heroin to anyone else, no matter who they are, but the swiftness here, the urgency in apprehending the source was all very public, showy. I’m glad they looked. Glad they found them. I hope they look for all kinds of people who do heinous things and end up killing one another.) -

See more at: http://southbrooklynpost.com/2014/02/what-if-it-happened-to-me/#sthash.jeyokG07.dpuf

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