Winter beach walks...why not!

Good lord, Winter in NYC 2013-14 has proved to be a hideous freeze box of a season. No amount of clothing, or arctic appropriate mittens have managed to ward off the darn right frigid temps. It's fare to say Winter is my least favourite season mind, although in some way believe it makes the arrival of Spring that much more crackerjack!


l have been taking a bunch of beach walks of late with the kids and woofers - which blows any evidence of cobwebs and melancholy seasonal thoughts to the curb. We return home equally full of promise and energy after a good couple of miles down the beach. You really cant beat it with a stick.  So if you are in search of something new to do come the weekend and could do with a little wind up your skirt - pop in the car and take a beach stroll. Our usual suspect of late is Lido beach - just short of Look Out Point. It is simply beautiful and seems to just go-on forever...... 


Beth GibsonComment