Winter Beach romps continued....

So this past weekend l decided to visit my favourite NY Cedar Beach , although it is cream of the crop summer months for me if l have the car..... This was my first time heading back in the winter post Hurricane Sandy. You could really see signs of the devastation it caused even still a year on. The dunes had disappeared, and a lot of the plant life had been pummeled, but despite all that - it remains my all time fav.  Wide open spaces, white sandy beach, odd bits and pieces washed up - but minimal garbage. Over to the yonder you can see the beginnings of Fire Island.  In the car An hour and change on a good day. 


I was blessed this particular visit as l had the whole beach to myself for miles.


The dogs were in heaven, l felt a sense of escape leaving the kids at home (truth be told they didn't want to come with me this time around - boring), alas no sunny skies but to me it was mute.  I walked and walked until my peg-leg could go no further....


I heart the beach, and so do the pups...



Where to this Sunday?!

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