Happy and you know it - Clap your hands!

Camping season is upon us. And my whole family is biting at the bit ...raring to go pitch that tent for the first time in 2014.

A week Saturday is Memorial weekend - which means Fire Island Watchhill campground. This is the best time before the life-sized mosquito's show up, and it gets too hot to sleep in your tent.

We head out on the ferry with a bunch of friends and all their kids, packed to the gills with camping gear, beach goodies,  intrepid appetites, and my most important treasure....the food supplies.

Time to start thinking about menu's, how l can save space and ...well at least try to take less (l did say try), but l do like my creature comforts, homemade sauces, and good coffee when camping - all that and a good nights sleep without needing to take a pee in the middle of the night....hope springs eternal after a couple glasses of vino, and multiple games of charades under the stars....

Came across this fab link from Bon Appetite - Great tools for camping l have my eye on the coffee press mind. 

Fingers and toes crossed for super weather.....

Wil let you know how we fare.

Beth x

A visual Update - Snaps from the weekend

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