Tomorrow evening is my very first...much anticipated ....eagerly awaited...encounter at the Prospect Park's annual Pop-Up Dinner party/concert. Still some tickets left if you want to purchase. Visit to purchase.

Bring your own everything basically.

My menu:
Food (5 summertime inspired courses)
Table cloth
Napkins (white only to follow the theme)
Flowers for the table
Wine - 1 bottle per person
Garbage bag - carry in...carry out
Cutlery - my best silver
Sparklers - bit of jolly
Bug spray - oh god yes!
Ice bucket/ice
Wine glass

My Menu
• Homemade Pickled Carrots/Beans and Hummus
• Garlicky Ceaser Salad Wedges (Prime Meats secret recipe)
• BBQ Chicken Tenderloins with homemade Cilantro-Mint Chutney
• Hazelnut Shortbreads with local fresh Figs
• Iced Expresso with Dark Choc Bark

It's all going in my trolley and onto the subway. If you think of anything I forgot---shout out!
Looking forward to meeting heaps (Maybe not all 5000 of them) folks, on what hopes to be a pretty spectacular night.

Here's to the morrow... With a cherry on top

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