All good things come to an end....Well almost

Gosh with only 11 days left until the school bell rings - lm left reminding myself how time *really* does fly.  It has been the most superb summer vacation..... and without a doubt a frugal one at that. Needs must - but hey, not that it made a spot of difference.

We hiked, beached, visited friends, picked berries, hit some amazing farm stands/tag sales, Ruby turned 10, pet-sat for friends in adilic settings, a week up in Woodstock ( l hiked, itchy and scratchy at a country day camp), my littles experienced sunrise for the first time, and my two dogs Cybil and Carol had THE time of their lives.

We made a conscious effort to get out of the city and explore - being the intrepid souls we are, and it didn't disappoint .

Many a tennis ball was retrieved this summer

Many a tennis ball was retrieved this summer


Please feel free to take a look at the snaps and see what we got up to.

This weekend l head upstate - just me and the woofers - a yurt - in the middle of the forrest - with good food - a good book - and.....can't leave home without a good bar of chocolate!

Will keep you posty with that adventure....

Wherever this summer took you, near or far...l do hope you had the most smashing time - and of course took plenty of snaps!

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