Make some goals folks...

Gosh its been too long since my last post. Seems like the melancholy winter grabbed my creative scribbles unexpectedly. Sadly l honestly haven't felt that wondrous urge l get from writing these past months. But l'm happy to say I've missed it!

A shift happened - family dynamics ,an emotional shift, goals altered, and those pesky expectations left at the back door (no need for that wretched weight). A couple of significant happenings occurred that whipped my arse into gear. l met a new friend not long since that continues to inspire me every single day. She possesses unflagging energy, an infectious ability to stay focused, and a refreshing positive out-outlook that everything is within reach if you believe in yourself. Pretty exciting stuff, and a total pleasure to be around no less!

Also my dear friend Suzanne Price recently through all her enthusiastic efforts became a Life Coach (Yay). Lucky for me l was used as a wee guinea pig through her training. What an eye opener that was. Many tears, hugs and truths one has to face within the process. But as serendipity would have it...the timing was ultimately perfect. Seems we needed each other equally through the self-reflective sessions we had together.

Anyhoo, l'm back and ready to make good of my new goals after licking my wounds and dusting myself off to start a fresh. And the beauty part is....I feel thoroughly secure knowing my heart is open to receive whatever it throws my way on this new chapter in 2015. Cant beat that with a bat mind!

Suzanne will be attending Soup Social Wednesday 4th, 11-1pm to come talk and share her empowering words. Please let me know if you would like to secure the date and join us.

Make some goals folks. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

Beth x







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