UWS - Bedroom Makeover

This was an especially exciting project, and the first of its kind for me....but hopefully not the last. Single guy living just off Central Park West, with a beautiful little one bedroom apartment. Heaps of good light, hidden charm, but lacking a homey feel.

My client had the most amazing personal style, and over the years made many suave purchases regards furnishings, most pushed into a corner to be arranged at a later date. He admitted over the consultation that he really had no idea where to put them, just that he knew he loved the pieces and had hoped one day it would all magically make sense.

We both decided to start with the bedroom, as for now (until the rest of the apartment was finished...using all rooms equally was the goal)  that was his place to retreat after a long day at work. Essentially the bed was pushed up against the wall, all the walls were painted white, white bedding, no art work. It had no sense of personality, warmth, nor reflected his fantastic personal style what-so-ever. 

A new cozy bedroom. 

A new cozy bedroom. 

He handed me the keys and l went to work the next day to makeover his bedroom by end of the day. 

  • First things first - pull the bed away from the wall. Open up the bedroom by lending both sides of the bed an entry and exit. Have the bedroom windows give lights to the entire bed, versus one side only. 
  • New Bedding. Something bold and bright, added graphics but still spoke masculine. l love the Target Organic cotton range. Queen size top/bottom sheet, and two pillow cases for under $50...cant beat that with a bat. l found the top quilted cover at a local bedding store going out of business on sale for under $50 also. Super quality, lovely mid weight for the winter months, it was a fabulous find.
  • Paint. Only needed to frame one wall as the room was quite small, but with a splash of dark grey paint it actually gives depth and makes the room feel so much bigger, and more importantly COZY, and rather sexy l think. l used Charcoal - flat finish, which is Valspar through the Room and Board range.
  • He had bunches of unframed artwork tucked under the sofa that had been gathered while living the previous year in California - The Bay Area. We needed to bring that to light. l had a small piece framed locally and hung it bedside. Post makeover, he said it was the icing on the cake to see it framed.
  • l had made a dash into West Elm before heading over to the apartment that morning. l found this amazing Terrance Coran piece on sale for $20, originally $200. l knew exactly where to put it. Over the bed to frame the entire space. West Elm always have a great sale in the corner of the store. Go have a potter around and find some bargains.

With a good vacumn and dust, l re-used the bedside light. The job was done, and l was thrilled with the new space. l received a text around 10pm that same day from my client. "OMG, you have got to be kidding me, l'm in love with my new bedroom, l can't believe the transformation. Can't thank you enough..you truly made my day, week, month!

Good stuff :  ) Sitting room next!  

Note to self...."Take before and after shots Beth!"

Beth x


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