Supporting Newly Re-Singled Parents by creating cozy and familiar spaces

Happy New Year Folks

Plot's One-Day Home Makeover's have taken a new and rather exciting focus lately.

A big mission of mine for 2016 is to support families navigating the divorce process by helping newly re-singled parents create cozy and familiar spaces for their children during this very big transition.

Recently, l have had the pleasure of working with several families who are moving from one home to two.

When one parent moves out of the original family home into a new space where the kids will be staying part time, it creates challenges for both.  The parent who moves to a new space wants to create a homey and welcoming feeling, a place their children will want to return to week after week.  At the same time they frequently have a limited budget, and need to make the transition very quickly.  On the other hand, the parent that remains in the original home often wants to change things up in a way that evokes a fresh start, and expresses their hopes for their next chapter, but still feels familiar and safe to their children.

Add to that, the very practical organizational challenges that come up - i.e. one set of sports equipment or two?  Where to store things that need to be remembered in weekly transitions from one home to the other?  How to create sleep spaces for kids in a small one bedroom, or studio.

Nothing makes my happier than combining my design skills with the lessons l've learned through my own experiences.  And nothing feels more important than helping children (and their parents) cope with divorce by helping to create spaces that make them happy.

Please share my name if you know someone who could use my help. Or if you are wondering how to offer meaningful support to a newly re-singled Mum, Dad, or friend.  Maybe consider them a Plot gift certificate/consultation for a day's worth of services. For more info

Wishing you heaps of good wishes for the year

Be Well



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