Garden Styling

I have helped many clients over the years elevate their urban gardens and backyards both in Brooklyn and Manhattan into special places that add much to their experience of being home. 

With all my years experience out in the garden and working with clients to better improve their outdoor spaces, two things have become clear to me:

  1. You can spend an awful lot of money gutting out your space.
  2. More often than not it's not that necessary; especially if extra funds are not an option.

l strongly believe with consideration to one's aesthetic and keeping things simple, stylizing your "plot" is an easy way to elevate your outdoor space affordably.

The following are my 3 simple rules to achieving a successful design:


  • Always be aware of balance and proportion; your goal is a cohesive, integrated look.
  • When choosing plants, consider their structure, texture, and form. Clean lines with make your space feel bigger, giving room for the eyes to wander.
  • Divide and conquer; think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Each "room" serves a purpose. 



Garden Services

Garden Walk Through and Consultation


This includes a two hour consultation to give you ideas, design resources, and garden smarts - perfect for the folks that enjoy doing the work themselves. I will also be available post-consultation via email or phone should you have any follow-up questions. 

Cost - $185, $85 per additional hour

"Beth was filled with helpful ideas and suggestions at different price points, and we appreciated her aesthetic sensibility. We have already taken the first steps towards transforming our garden and we are very thankful."

"Beth came to our place and within two hours had my husband and I excited about our backyard again! She was able to give us great ideas to help us turn our space into something that will work for our entire family."

Additional Services


Maintenance - Weekly, Bi Weekly, Monthly - $70 Hourly

Spring Clean-Up - $70 Hourly

Planting/Shopping - $60 Hourly





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